Broads : Broads [FSCC008]

“A magnificent 11-tracker full of lo-fidelity atmos, folk motives, noises, gentle instrumentals, etc.
This album also comes as SD version w/ remxis from Hmot, James Booth, Maraud, Sukoshi, James Boyce + 16-page booklet designed by Broads himself. And futhere more – a cassette! Hand-stamped, grey plastic, limited edition manufactured by Shells Rattle in Saint-Petersburg.”

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Format: 11 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC
Released: 24 Feb 2014
Style: Folk, Lo-Fi, Ambient

Haven’t We Met Before : the Songs of Simon Waldram [sec.081]

“We warmly welcome our new artist Simon Waldram from Nottinghamshire, UK. Simon’s music is a nice blend of indie pop, psych-folk, rock, lo-fi and various experimental stuff. He released his first songs back in 2009 and this album should be seen as an introduction to his work. It contains 15 handpicked songs from 2009-2014. Hope you will enjoy it, as much as we do.”

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Format: 15 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 13 Mar 2014
Style: Indie, Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, Folk, Lo-Fi, Experimental

Nick Rivera : Zamalek [LBN023]

Zamalek is an island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile. But also a neighbourhood, something in between. This album is about the sky you can’t see from this island and the things that swim in it. Zamalek is a warm cuddle from your trusted friend, a fist in the nape from your best enemy.”

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Format: 7 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 5 Dec 2013
Style: Acoustic, Pop, Folk, Rock

Giò Fattoruso – Prestami Dio [VVV014]

“The latest addition to the roster of ViVeriVive is Giò Fattoruso, a talented singer-songwriter from Bergamo who makes his debut as a soloist with this precious EP, after a militancy in the band La Bottega Del Ciarpame (and many concerts in the Lombardy area).

Prestami Dio reveals in less than twenty minutes a poetic but authentic lyricism, and a folk always focused on embracing guitar-chords that sometimes get carried away by breezes of violins: a compositional formula firmly anchored in the tradition of songwriting yet push towards contemporary sounds.”

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Format: 5 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 13 Nov 2013
Style: Folk

Various Artists : Lost City Music Festival 2013 Compilation [mam241]

“To help get you excited about the the second annual Lost City Music Festival, Mine All Mine presents this collection of songs highlighting 20 of the excellent and diverse acts performing this year. This free compilation ventures from slow-core to heavy hitting rock tunes; from ambient to folk; and beyond.”

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Format: 5 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC
Released: 5 Aug 2013
Style: Folk, Indie, Post Rock, Experimental, Ambient

Cosmic Analog Ensemble : Fish Fingers [upfree53]

“The journey of a fish from his death to his transformation into a fish finger.

All music composed, performed, produced and mixed by Charif Megarbane
Recorded in 2011/2012 in Nairobi, Kenya and Beirut, Lebanon.
Charif Megarbane – bass guitar, acoustic/electric guitar, double bass, MPC/SP drum machines, vibraphone, drums, percussion, tape manipulation, keys, flutes, melodica etc.”

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Format: 31 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: January 2013
Style: Folk, Hip Hop, Jazz

Various Artists : Braaahhlitz Compilation [aaahh016]

“Take a look at it, have a listen: We are proud to present you Braaahhlitz #1, the second compilation in our aaahhchestra series. In 2012 we met in the small village of Bralitz (near Berlin) for a weeklong recording session. Members of e.g. Keyboard Rebel and ne:o plus Nicolas Falcon of Falcon and the Featherweights fame did their best to recreate the vibe of our excursion to Denmark in 2011.

Even more than in Denmark this feels like a group effort with a more unified sound. Still, Braaahhlitz #1 is a journey through various genre influences, like folk, balkan pop and even hip hop – partly serious, partly humourous.

Eight songs, including flutes, trumpets, extensive clapping and voices make Braaahhlitz #1 the ideal gift for your spouse, auntie or that guy. If you order now, we will additionally send you the set of steak knives and the garden claw free of charge. Braaahhlitz #1 has been awarded with the aaahh seal of approval for quality recordings. But kidding aside, as usual this release will be available as free download. Payment is optional.

All this would not have been possible without the support of our host Ralf, the production skills of Milan Greulich (Rokotak, ne:o) and – of course + especially – this would not have been possible without you, dear aaahh records supporter. We hope that you will be as thoroughly happy with this new release as we are.”

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Format: 8 x File, Compilation, MP3, 320 kbps; FLAC
Released: 23 Mar 2013
Style: Folk, Indie, Rock

McGuffin Electric : Brightelephant [AT038]

Brightelephant is a collection of sinking, memories, human bodies, battleships and battlekisses. And elephants, of course. Each of the 7 pieces in it is as abstract as it is concrete. Old-fashioned sounds for modern, turmoil, times. Halting, skeletal and serious-less chamber music for irrational listeners.”

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Format: 7 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps; FLAC
Released: 3 Mar 2013
Style: Acoustic, Folk

Ongaku2 : Short Stories [LBN018]

“30 minutes of music in 12 short tracks.
A sounds and vision’s collection and dreamlike prophecies.
A constellation of intimate sounds and images.
12 improvisations of 2:30 minutes.
One little story.”

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Format: 12 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps; FLAC; ALAC
Released: 6 Mar 2013
Style: Pop, Acoustic, Experimental, Folk