Action Will Be Taken : Action Will Be Taken [BSMX0103]

“Back in 1995, Orie Weeks, Alex Remlinger, Dez Burke & Shawn Franklin (who you may know from The Scallions) formed Action Will Be Taken in response to the subdivisions and cliques that were then forming in the hardcore punk scene. They exploded onto their local scene, not caring about photos or press. They only wanted to write music, play shows and maybe release a 7 inch. Whenever they performed, they were always asked ‘where the fuck did you guys come from’?

Influenced by the high energy driven music of Minor Threat, Iron Maiden, Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies and many more… the group did exactly what they stood for and all within one year, true to form, they were gone. Just as quickly as hitting the scene, they disappeared. They recorded an E.P. and things collided with the intensity of creating a solar system, the band never released it… until now.

Today, blocSonic is very #$*@! happy to present to you their self-titled EP of quick, explosive, to the point tracks.

Thanks to Shawn Franklin and the rest of AWBT for injecting some much needed raw hardcore into blocSonic!”

Release page
Direct download (MP3)
Direct download (FLAC)

Format: 8 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 16 Dec 2014
Style: Hardcore, Punk Rock

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