Various : Dub Free Vol. 7 [GB 082]

1. Claudien – Bomb 04:16
2. Oso Steppario – Chinatown 04:14
3. Sax n’ Dub – The Same Way 04:32
4. RRB Dub – Mahtlactli 04:44
5. Big Tree – The King’s Guard Dub 03:36
6. Tlackdub – Midnight Dub 04:14
7. Clavier Bloc – Crucify feat. Johnnyboy 05:22
8. Stranger Dub – Sunshine 04:38
9. Antem – Dippa 03:15
10. Shivan Dubz – Green Herbs 03:20
11. Dubtor T-Bone – Ami 04:42
12. Andres Sanfoneiro – Clarinete Dub 03:40
13. Digital Sound Stepper meets Spectral Dub – Dub Weed 04:00
14. Secuenciador Dub – Dark Blue 03:21
15. Hummingbird – Love feat. Ayaca Saito

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Format: 15 x File, Compilation, MP3, 320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAVE
Released: 15 Jun 2020
Style: Reggae, Dub, Steppers

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Battle Of Santiago : Ghetto Funky (Dubmatix Refix) [self released]

“This was a pleasure to work on. Taking live recordings, percussion, vocals, music and interchanging parts to create more of a steppers feel while trying to maintain the afro-cuban feel and spirit. We hope you enjoy the refix.”

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Format: 1 x File, Single, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 13 Jun 2016
Style: Reggae, Steppers

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Koncrete Roots : Rudie Dubplates [DPH016]

“After the huge success of their first release ‘Dub ina Midlands’ (awarded 4 stars by CCTRAX and included in’s Dubcast series) and their guest appearence on the EP of Red Star Martys ‘Time for Tea’, Koncrete Roots is back with more vibes.

Celebrating the first birthday of our netlabel, we are giving to everybody the free EP Rudie Dubplates with 5 tracks of wall-shaking basslines, irie sax and warrior style beats. This is our way to say ‘thank you for your massive support during this 1st year of our existence’. Ruff and tuff!

This is the first part of a special double release. The second part will be released two days later on Saturday the 26th of July, so watch this space!

The EP includes five unreleased Koncrete Roots dubplates, which will definitely bring you to higher heights and have your room walls pounding with sub-bass and vibes. Nuff respect to the Rootsman for the irie sax on ‘Sax di fisherman’. Giving thanks each and every time!”

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Format: 5 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC
Released: 24 Jul 2014
Style: Dub, Reggae, Steppers

Koncrete Roots : Dub ina Midlands [DPH011]

“The year 2014 starts with some new dubophonic heights with Koncrete Roots, a one man project by Thomas Kenney from Leicestershire in the East Midlands of England.

From an early age Thomas would listen to a huge amount of music though he would always favour the sounds of Ska and Reggae. Music was always in his blood and he began producing back in 2004 under a different name. The music he was making at the time was a reflection of the scene around him; hip hop and grime. It wasn’t until later in life when he was introduced to (and fell in love with) Dub music that he started to take his own music seriously and started to develop his own sound and style.

Koncrete Roots’ style can be described as a deeply rooted dub sound with a modern day steppa twist. This twist makes all the difference and gives an electro dubness to their traditional rootical sound introducing some great vibes to the massive, entering into the new year.

From the meditative ‘River Jordan’ to the rootical electro steppas like ‘Inity Step’ and ‘Sound Killah’, Koncrete Roots deliver their message of dubness and irieness into the year 2014. Not withstanding his versions of two old time classics, the UK producer seems like a sound warrior, armed with deep basslines and organic melodies like in ‘Universal dub’, marching to destroy Babylon on his way to Zion.”

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Format: 10 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC
Released: 1 Jan 2014
Style: Raggae, Dub, Steppers

Various Artists : Elephant Bass Vol. 2 [EBAVA02]

“What better way to start a web sound lab Elephant Bass, where the passion and love for the good vibes is the only constant assured, with a selection of the many songs received in recent months by members of the homonymous group on facebook. The result that comes out are 2 volumes with a thin imaginary dividing line between stepper and electro dub sounds that are directed to explore experimental music.”

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Format: 8 x File, Compilation, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC
Released: 20 Nov 2013
Style: Reggae, Dub, Dubstep, Steppers

Red Star Martyrs – I & I [DPH006]

“Blessed with a devotion to dub and roots culture and politicised by the inequalities that haunt a world of plenty, Red Star Martyrs have arrived as the latest incarnation of musician and producer Stanley Wood. As a member of cult Birmingham reggae outfit Route 81, Stanley learnt his trade as a guitarist and gigging musician before becoming part of guerrilla graffiti specialists and urban raconteurs Echo Base. Here he encountered for the first time the mystical world of the recording studio and within it, the wonders of the Roland Space Echo – a love affair was born.

The romance bloomed with the arrival of affordable technology, enabling those that dared to dream the chance to create their own Channel One studio. The logical outcome for Stanley was Shotgun Rockers. From producing original dubs for the Dub Nation sound system, Shotgun Rockers became recording artists for Zip Dog, Nubian and Tanty records at the moment when a new breed of dub was being formed, introducing the energy of European dance music to inspiration from the legends of the Jamaican dub.

Fast forward to the now and Red Star Martyrs exist as an open collective where roots and dub artists from all over the world are invited to contribute and collaborate, bringing a message of love, unity and political consciousness. Oh yeah, and to have fun too, because roots dub music is what makes us all smile, right?

Their first EP includes two tracks, ‘Insurrection’ & ‘Independence’, accompanied by the appropriate dubs for your personal recreation. ‘Insurrection’ is a heavy stepper tune, followed by two exclusive mixes in one drop and breakbeat style. First appearance of Mrs Boo La La aka Bec Crispin on ‘Independence’ spreading the rootical vibrations all the way.”

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Format: 6 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 22 Sep 2013
Style: Reggae, Dub, Steppers