Unknown Artist ‎: Unknown 05 [UNKWN05]

“Chikyu-u is back with another EP on the Unknown series ! Another diverse selection of 4 tracks from a mysterious artist you’ve already heard in our catalogue. The opening track has an old-school deep feeling with a discoïd solo that brings it to its climax. Next up, an endless high speed deep loop for the dancefloor. The third track is a powerful deep-house piece for sunsets and daydreaming. To end the EP, a piece inspired by dub techno with nice touches of house. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do !”

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Format: 4 x File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAVE
Released: 21 Jun 2019
Style: Deep House, House

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Viktor Van River : Fake Detective [BSOG0084]

“It’s been almost a year since we last heard from Kazakhstan trip-hop artist Viktor Van River. Today he returns with a long player that finds him exploring lyrical content. Although, the music is still primarily instrumental, the lyrical splashes help to give his sound a bit of a noir vibe. Pop it on… let it play… chill and enjoy.”

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Format: 11 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 2 Jul 2019
Style: Trip Hop, Downtempo, Dub

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Lamont Kohner : Beckons [K3]

“It’s finally Summertime, but press play, close your eyes and you’d never be able to tell. Lamont Kohner‘s third single for RP lands with a roomy bass pulse and a dusty loop that slowly splits open to reveal white noise-crusted dub chords and a thumping traincar rhythm. BECKONS does what it says on the tin, with minimal side effects, drawing us into the seedy nightlife of Kohner’s noir cityscapes and neon vapors. Following the irresistible groove of BECKONS is CLOSE IT, a slightly more traditional dub techno affair, recalling the Detroit strains of Deepchord and Echospace while also conjuring a thick-as-a-brick rhythmic foundation that goes even further back to the first couple Maurizio 12″s in Germany. The whole thing congeals into that trademark Kohner shuffle, and we’re once again sitting back in a darkened taxi, window half open, smoke wafting out into the greasy streets. Falling beneath the music’s spell, you feel compelled to close the window – we’re doing something intimate in here.”

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Format: 2 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAVE
Released: 30 Jun 2019
Style: Dub Techno

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Aevio : Bioluminescence [Nu-Logic095]

“I am pleased to share my first full length release Bioluminescence out today on Nulogic Netlabel. This album was inspired by my experiences on this amazing planet over the last several years, and truly captures a period of personal history for me.

Downtempo, Ambient Glitch, and Hip Hop beats drive organic textures and synth layers in this release. Field recordings taken from different corners of the planet provide the noise, chatter, and dust that fills in the cracks. On one particular corner of the planet, the rainforest’s natural luminosity inspired what became the title track of this album.”

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Format: 8 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 5 Jul 2019
Style: Downtempo, Ambient

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Land of Fires : Petrichor [self-released]

“The first song on the album, Space, is a good place to start as it kicks everything off with large swatches of time and simple, delicate, and fleeting melodies that give each line room to breath, which then build into powerful and heavy sections. The second track, Petrichor, is a 22 min epic that is, in essence, the polar opposite of Space as it uses variations on harmonic motifs throughout it that build a compelling narrative of an approaching storm.”

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Format: 2 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC
Released: 10 May 2019
Style: Post-Rock

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Mar Io : Listen To My Heart EP [BRQ127]

“What sticks out while listening to the Listen To My Heart EP is the fact that its creator Mar Io has been in the business for a long time and has mastered the skill of combining a range of influences and styles into very atmospheric tunes. After his previous vinyl EP on the Cologne-based label Form & Terra, these seven new tracks seem more like a mini album than your usual EP and embrace the listener with warm and atmospheric melodies, vocals and lots of groove from start to finish. Mar Io’s sounds are packed with club music history, ranging from acid house references, emerging through the Zweig remix of the title track, up to flashbacks into the more explicit and direct approach for which 90s club tracks are so much loved these days. However, he always manages to weave such influences into his tracks in the most respectful way, not making it sound like an obvious reach out to the retro-crowd but like a loving reminiscence of the glorious past. Not to forget that with ‘Shake Your Body (Give It To Me)’ (Electro Mix) Mar Io underlines that his latest EP is not only made for the dancefloor, even though this is where it surely will cause elevate levels of serotonine pretty soon.”

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Format: 7 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 1 Jul 2019
Style: Acid, House, Techno

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Code Therapy : Scape From Reality Remixes Chapter One [DigitalDiamonds065.1]

“The largely successful, Scape From Reality EP by Code Therapy, is back with vengeance, reconstructed by some new and old members from the Digital Diamonds family. Part one of the dualistic remix series is the more psychedelic of the two. Gelled by the inimitable stems from the original EP it contains god-like pads, elevating melodies and flawless sound design. These 4 tracks by Ozka, Adamson, Trilingo and Nicorus are undoubtedly calculated for pure dance floor pleasure with their full-bodied sound and hard-hitting grooves. Believe it or not they will reshape your reality.”

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Format: 4 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, WAVE
Released: 25 Jun 2019
Style: Techno, Trance

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