f.a.r.e.s : Clackers [self released]

Num. Artist – Title [Release]
1. Katzeben – Perls [LORA012]
2. Jayro – The Mechanic [EB024]
3. Mod2 – Monoprix [LORA001]
4. Right On – Stay Grounded (Original Mix) [BRISE062]
5. Sil – Dead Brownie [HL002]
6. Battric & MIVU – Whisper [LLB016]
7. Billy Dalessandro – Scanning Universe Gamma [KSR037]
8. Max – Tumakbo Madilim [LRR014]
9. Salva Stigler – Pyramid [CYC31]
10. Randal Boyz – Old In [MOFI028]
11. Schamain Alcazar – Scare Games (Luca Lento Remix) [ONOFF075]
12. Marina Karamarko – Diversion [BM075]
13. Juan Farcik – Solo Se [ARCH115]

Release page
Direct download (MP3)

Format: 1 x File, Mix, MP3/320kbps
Released: 15 Aug 2015
Style: Tech House

Originally posted by bassandspace.com

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