Ongaku2 : Short Stories [LBN018]

“30 minutes of music in 12 short tracks.
A sounds and vision’s collection and dreamlike prophecies.
A constellation of intimate sounds and images.
12 improvisations of 2:30 minutes.
One little story.”

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Format: 12 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps; FLAC; ALAC
Released: 6 Mar 2013
Style: Pop, Acoustic, Experimental, Folk

Old Splendifolia : Utterly Heartbreaking [LBN017]

“During live sessions in the summer house, the woods of Brandenburg and the homes of friendly musicians delicate pieces evolved, capturing random environmental noises and exceptional interaction of the artists. The chamber music-ish pieces flow moment to moment painting scenes with tones.
‘The Song Poems seek their fortune through poetic views of the world, leap to the Earth’s perishable inhabitants defense, for whom the consistent rational explanations for a world so compelling in its richness, in its confusion, in its complexities impregnable from comprehension give little satisfaction.
So, let’s cast light on the many small details, sense-nourishing observations, confusion, the fear that tears me, which overwhelmed you as well, and on the comfort that She granted you, so you now could come to my aid. Enter with the ears and not only with the latter, into the micro-extracts from rich litera- and orature, elocuted by the inner desire to keep the amazement and the breath of life, to light the inner warmth, which beards the global one, with filigree vehemence. Yes.'”

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Format: 5 x File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 19 Jan 2013
Style: Acoustic, Folk

Plusplus : Game Over [LBN016]

“Here is the Return of Adam Radmall (aka PlusPlus), Plantman’s guitarist. After the extraordinary album ‘Evils’ released in March 2011, here is eight new electro-acoustic tracks with a subtle melancholy that characterizes the PlusPlus’s compositions. Also available in limited CD edition with four extra bonus tracks.”

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Format: 8 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 8 Sep 2012
Style: Acoustic, Folk, Experimental

Adriano Orrù : Hèsperos [LBN011]

Hèsperos is a work based on simplicity. A musician and his instrument. Some other small objects: marbles balls, pins, beaters… Six tracks that have in common the fact of starting from the simplest thing in an instrument like the double bass: the sound of a open string. This element is the ‘basic foundation’ from which it develops that small or big world of sounds which is a music piece. Many simple pieces can give life to something complex. Just like in nature.”

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Format: 6 x File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 15 Sep 2011
Style: Jazz, Experimental

NICK RIVERA >> Happy song is a happy song [LBN007]

Nick Rivera (Michele Sarti’s solo project) was born under a bunk bed in a victorian house in Hackney, London. Born in Cagliari, Italy, Michele started playing drums in a number of rock bands, slowly developing a strong interest in more experimental and free-form styles of music. The new approach led him to rediscover the french horn, the instrument he studied for years but never used on any of his projects. He also started toying with lots of different instruments like guitar, trumpet, glockenspiel, percussions, synths and loop machines. His first personal project was a free reinterpretation of the music from german composer Kurt Weill, directing a band featuring banjo, piano, wind instruments, flute and percussions. In Italy he collaborated with Bron Y Aur and Franklin Delano, and after moving to London with Sunny Day Sets Fire and Oh Atoms. He also plays as a stable member of the lo-fi folk band Takoma. Nick Rivera comes from Michele’s desire to play something as natural as possible. In his own works is music that would be ‘close to the image of a bud who sees the first light, the sounds of wood, nocturnal bugs, broken branches, birds, coppers, sliding water, shadows reflecting lights and glades in the forest… and everything that happens in the galaxy next to ours’.”

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Format: 4 x File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 21 Jan 2011
Style: Folk

BALLPEN // The dreams trilogy [LBN005]

“Some of this dreams are made in a song form, some others are built like a possible dream would develop.  Some vocal parts  sound like somebody that’s sleep talking and the music is supposed to be what’s  sonically going on in his/her head or you can  hear that the music melts when somebody is falling asleep.  And if you listen at a reasonable low volume you can still hear the  music and what’s going on in the room  next to yours at the same time.”

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Format: 11 x File, MP3, Album, 320 kbps
Released: 11 October 2010
Style: Easy Listening, Ambient, Funk

Artist website: MySpace