THE RARE PLANTS GARDEN // The Rare Plants Garden [12rec.064]

“Russian duo The Rare Plants Garden is beatmaker 813 and Nienvox, two fellows that made a good list of solo and cooperative appearances via Bump Foot, Dusted Wax Kingdom, 813’s own Pop Errors Gallery, and just recently Error Broadcast and Project Mooncircle. From this genealogy one might expect THE RARE PLANTS GARDEN to sound just like the other Russian duo here at 12rec., 2010’s high-flyer Monokle & Galun. However 813 and Nienvox concentrate on psychedelic left-field Pop music, banning the razor-sharp future funk of 813 completely from The Rare Plants Gardens selftitled debut EP, making the six tracks suspicious being brainchild to Damon Albarn rather than Flying Lotus.”

Release page here
Free direct download (MP3) here
Spend 5€ and download lossless audio here

Format: 6 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 28 Feb 2011
Style: Folk, Pop

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