Various Artists : Android Lubricated Tech-Funk [ALTF006]

“The collection of tracks represents everything Alt is about, from deep experimental weirdness to peak-time dancefloor business. There are tracks on offer from nearly all the artists we have released since the beginning, and we are very pleased to welcome some new faces. You’ll recognise some of them, and may have never heard of others, but they all share the same twisted vision for where house, techno, electronica (and any other form of music) can go in the future. Leif kicks things off with the mighty ‘Pushing Hands’, a loosely knitted bongo freakout that keeps the lounge-jazz vibe he is known for, but pushes his handling of percussion to a new level. Tone Def’s remix of Daniel Schneider’s ‘Miesekatze’ track takes a very different route, stripping everything back to it’s barest elements, with a trademark grooving beast of a bassline propelling the beat along. New to Alt, Le Jockey turns the pace up with a delightfully mental track full of pulsating techno rhythm, choppy micro-samples and a healthy dose of humour. Donk Boys take their sound deeper than usual on ‘Avgrundens Harskare’ (which means “lord of the abyss” apparently) for a sinister track rich in detail and melody.Tone Def’s latest offering is pure four to the floor funk, all nagging hi-hats and quirky ticks riding over a granite bottom end. Tom Ellis returns to the Alt fold with a textbook bumping, grinding house cut full of tricksy rhythms and that unmistakable Trimsound funk. Just when you thought it was safe on the floor, Daniel Schneider throws a hefty curveball in the shape of ‘Ask That Bitch’ that rains down gallons of beautifully choreographed sounds. J-Lab pulls things back with ‘Somewhere’, carrying that trademark melodic moodiness that permeates his tracks before blossoming into an electro-flecked party monster. Closing down the party, Storlon’s penchant for trippy soundscapes goes to the next level on ‘Oenologia’, possessing an immense level of sound design.”

Release page here
Direct download (MP3) here

Format: 9 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 28 Oct 2008
Style: Techno, Minimal, Tech House

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