Drugstore : Gaia EP [CICUTA 008]

“Welcome to the eighth release of Cicuta Netlabel. For an artist, all his works are something unique, something special. If you ask him about his favorite, he probably tell us it’s difficult to highlight only one. But always there are some works which, for one reason, are in a special place in his mind, and are usually reserved for a special occasion.

On one hand we have 2 tracks (Gaia and Kundalini) designed for the dance floor, closer to offbeat, with vocals and unconventional samples. Moreover, we have a more experimental track (Circon), closer to the netaudio world, in which this kind of works are usually well received.

About remixers, we have to Oliver Kucera, Czech producer based in Holland, one of the birthplaces of techno, with a track with a lot of strength. Oliver is one of the most promising artists in the European techno scene, as well as demonstrates their great collaborations with artists like Mattias Fridell, Space DJz or Carlos Rios. Recently, he has started his own label, Kucera Records, with a very good acceptance in the first release.

Another artist who is with us is CBTØ, Spanish artist from Seville, currently residing in Berlin, and one of our favorites in recent times. Jorge is a different artist, making music not usually oriented to the mainstream, but puts the soul into every track, and that is something that hooks you from the first listen.

Finally, we present a new Spanish talent, David Meiser, who has made an impact since his first track, being played by the great Dave Clarke in his radioshow. It has a style closer to old hard-techno from Eastern Europe, which is much appreciated in these times…”

Release page here
Direct download (MP3) here

Format: 6 x File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 15 Apr 2012
Style: Techno

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