f.a.r.e.s : Frühlingserwachen [self released]

Live recorded warm-up set of my contribution to the Frühlingserwachen 2015 party by the Simsalaboom Festival. First hour starts with dub techno and, after a shift to deep house, the second hour comes with some jazzy tech-house tracks.

Num. Artist – Title (Release)
1. Upwellings – King’s Cross Dub (Blue Line Dubs)
2. Owen Ni – Hallucinations (G.R.I.T. Remix) (Hallucinations)
3. Planetary Secrets – Courtyard (Etui Winter Camp 3)
4. Trinity – The Wind Up (Etui Winter Camp 3)
5. Helly Larson – Deeparture (Deeparture)
6. Narcotic 303 – Liara (Black Cloud)
7. Dorisburg – Uncertainly (Splade)
8. UFO19 & Ze Castanheira – Fusion (Deryk Rossen remix) (Tales From Dub & Techno Volume 8)
9. Matt Thibideau – solar flares (Universal ep)
10. Dandytracks – Dubstories About Us 2 (Etui Winter Camp 3)
11. Nyra – M For Mother (Like This)
12. Sasha Nevolin – Whatever (Outside LP)
13. O.TU. – Elektrik (N2Brothers Remix) (Elements EP)
14. Bravo Litva – Muchacho Torbellino (Quazee remix) (muchacho torbellino EP)
15. Sunny Charles – Still I Stay (Agazzi remix) (Cohiba)
16. Rata – Many Many Minds (The Lost Crystal Universe)
17. Bunte Bummler – E Yo E Yo (Silat Beksi Remix) (Aesub)
18. Alex Arnout – Microsociety (Original Mix) (Wanderlust / Microsociety)
19. Guanlong – Trajectory (StGuanlonging EP)
20. Sil – Dead Brownie (Heraclitus)
21. Mod2 – Embargo (Confortable EP)
22. Zaid Edghaim – My Peru (Hushlamb Artist Compilation: Les Fruits De La Famille)
23. Crocodile Soup – Gatta da pelare (Brain Marmelade)
24. Tohmas – Zhou (Niles)
25. Vlad Sóro – Prime (Night Walking EP)
26. Miro Pajic & Jacob Phono – Make It Go (Collabsed)
27. Soma – Puerta Cerrada Con Fantasma (Uno)

Release page
Direct download (MP3)

Format: 1 x File, Mix, MP3
Released: 14 Apr 2015
Style: Dub Techno, Deep House, Microhouse

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