Multi-mission : Elevon [stasis032]

“Here’s another man on a mission, flying high with perfect summer vibes of tech and deep house. Sam Simpson (Multi-mission) has been producing music since 2009. He graduated from Ohio University in the United States, majoring in audio-production, and operates under a few different aliases geared towards dance music. Multi-mission is a refined voyage into space and dub music with the dance floor in mind.

*Elevon is the name of the wing element on the space shuttle that aids in aerodynamic flight.

*Draft refers to the aerodynamic property where a vehicle in front will ease the drag on the second vehicle, provided the second vehicle is aligned in the slipstream directly behind the first vehicle.

*20.005MHz is the frequency at which the Sputnik signal was transmitted, a recording of which is present in the song.”

Release page
Direct download (MP3)

Format: 3 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC
Released: 26 Jul 2015
Style: Deep House, Tech House, Dub Techno

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