f.a.r.e.s : Do You Like Techno? [self released]

Num. Artist – Title [Release]
1. the volume settings folder – Ich bin Beckmann [EKR012]
2. Bebhionn Laboratory – Tensor Tympani [ZIMMER120]
3. Emmanuel Lazaro – Portal Pase [MUTOK001C]
4. Jordan Louis – Lepcis (Michel Lauriola Re-order) [DEADCERT019]
5. KVD – Outerspace (Rekord 61 Remix) [KONSTRUKT015]
6. Johannes Heil – Scene Six [EXILELP01]
7. Matasism – Mä 011 [MF048]
8. Apart – Paranoia [Soniculture Unlimited 024]
9. Tomas Kunkel – Cryogenic [HA009]
10. Knobs – Oleander (Vinny Xavier Remix) [MOTH001]
11. Doublereflect – Fossil (If I Had A Hi Fi Chamber Of Echoes Mix) [KPL034]
12. Kristina – Crocosmia Aurea [ASK014]

Release page (Soundcloud)

Format: 1 x File, Mixset, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 13 Mar 2016
Style: Techno

Originally posted by bassandspace.com

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