f.a.r.e.s : UckerAlm [self released]

Little teaser for my upcomming gig at UckerAlm Festival.

Num. Artist – Title [Release]
1. Stef_ – Oceanbreeze (Nikosf. Summerbreeze Mix) [DTR048]
2. Alex Humann – Isolated Rooms (Reflections Edit) [DTR048]
3. Heavenchord – Spring rain [HS001]
4. BT Gate X-138 – Arkhangelsk [TRD010]
5. Doublereflect – Fossil (Retouched Remix) [KPL034]
6. Mar’yan Kitsenko – Defrag (Jarque Refragmented Mix) (stasis033)
7. Low Orbit Satellite – Imprint 3 [ORB011]
8. Martin Schulte – Trip [ss20]
9. Solef – Dancing in a white room [DEPCD011]
10. Schulz Audio – Departed [HS003]
11. Martin Frost – Rejuvenation [TRD014]

Release page (Soundcloud, log in for download option)

Format: 1 x File, Mixset, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 16 Apr 2016
Style: Dub Techno, Deep House

Originally posted by bassandspace.com

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