Markus Masuhr : Bass and Space Podcast 012 [BassPod012]

We are glad to present you Markus Masuhr, a true trechno enthusiast and the designer of our cover artworks, which look preety good!

“From the deep and raw side of techno comes the artist Markus Masuhr. He lives in Leipzig, Germany, and is the label head of both the record label ‘Pragmat’ and the netlabel ‘Insectorama’. Markus started with electronic music in 1993 with friends at a youth club and illegal parties in Leipzig, he went on spinning techno records till 1997. After a three-year-detour over hip hop, Markus was a DJ of local sound crews and, eventually, came back to 4/4 rhythms. Joining various party crews in Leipzig, Markus made himself a name as a highly skilled techno DJ. At the same time, Markus came to appreciate deep and raw techno and following to the dub techno sound. Till this day, deep and raw techno and dub techno sounds are his main influences.
When turning to produce electronic music himself in 2003, he chose to express his versatile style preferences in his own works as well – making tracks and live acts ranging from deep techno with dub elements to raw techno. in the last years he has published on countless netlabels (insectorama, nulabel, deepindub, tropic…) worldwide.
In the middle of the year 2012 started his own 12″ techno recordlabel ‘Pragmat’. Only for his own interpretation of pure deep and raw techno with dub techno elements. He himself describes his sound as techno that you feel approaching from the rear of the hard but deep with chords echos and delays in a 4/4 pattern dub techno construct.”

01.stl – a beautiful mind (echospaceseq-1)
02.resoe – cosmic blast (norman nodge remix) )(baum006)
03.resoe – distant noizes (baum008)
04.idealist – unknown (idealistmusic001)
05.quantec – water and ice (quantec monoaxial mix) (forpleasure002)
06.idealist – unknown (idealistmusic001)
07.phidias – cygnus astratus (freund der familie raw002)
08.rhythm & sound – see mi version (basic reshape) (burial mix004) atlas – finland (bliq006)
10.luke hess – corridor´s solution (a plea for change) (echocord colour012)
11.unknown – sidea (dub chronicles003)
12.quantec – no numbers (modelisme025)

Artwork by Markus Masuhr

Release page (Soundcloud)
Direct download (MP3)

Format: 1 x File, Mixset, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 1 Oct 2017
Style: Dub Techno

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