Duchess of Dub : Blast of Energy (Bass and Space Podcast 013) [BassPod013]

No stranger to the world of electronic music, Duchess Of Dub has been deeply rooted in the Canadian electronic music scene since the early days when it was still very much underground.

Originating from the prairies of Saskatchewan Canada, Purl’ was first inspired by the electronic music culture in the early 1990’s by local promoters and DJs (Plastic Puppet Motive, Deko-ze, Kevin K and Techno Tom).

After a personal hiatus Purl’ has returned to her love of Dub, Tech, House and Techno music and has discovered her passion for mixing the sounds she feels eternally connected to.
“There something about it I cannot get enough of!” she states.

Brickman – Morning Dub Sketch
Radius – Etherscapes
Dub Cousteau – Deep Dive Dub 1
Lars Leonhard – Labyrinthe
p571 – Point A
Mark Ward – Water Dub
Andrey Pushkarev – First Snow (Original Mix)
Basicnoise – Loop 5
Marko Fürstenberg – Time Change
Helly Larson & Ricciomoto – Moving Dub (Deep Spelle Remix)
Mike Schommer – 001 Untitled
Martin Donath – Winteraerma
Luke Beaumann – Inception

Artwork by Markus Masuhr

Release page (Soundcloud)
Direct download (MP3)

Format: 1 x File, Mixset, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 15 Oct 2017
Style: Dub Techno

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