auto/mates : City of Cinder [CVU009]

“The auto/mates return with more saucy synthesis after their first EP with Bomphcast Audio, bringing another mixed bag of emotive, harmonious, interesting tracks to the CVU series. The tracks, as you’ll hear, are a testament to ADMINISTRATOR and half slept’s workflows when producing together, seamlessly sliding in and out of the driver’s seat, and pushing out tracks at a rate of minutes.

City of Cinder borrows elements from the electro, techno, and melodic spheres, meshing the genres in a peculiar yet pleasing way, and utilising anything from straight modular blips to digital-sounding plug-ins.

The 9th iteration of Connection Verified Unreleased is, as always, free to download and use however you please. Stay tuned for more exciting release coming out in coming months.”

Release page (Soundcloud, log in mandatory for d/l option)

Format: 6 x File, EP, WAVE
Released: 17 Jun 2021
Style: Detroit Techno, Minimal, Deep House

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