WakeUpNeo : Flying Conditions [CVU018]

“Fresh from a string of gorgeous releases including a record with Australia’s rapidly materialising standard for hard, fast, and off-kilter electronic music – Meganesia, as well as shows up and down the eastern seaboard in months prior, WakeUpNeo has been nothing short of a busy chap.

For his age, he shows an admirable level of grace and expertise in his productions, borrowing from the best parts of days gone by and revitalising them into something contemporary, crisp, and pumping. The Flying Conditions EP exemplifies this oh so tastefully, bringing 5 original works to our free unreleased series.

Warm moments are felt throughout the release, as we straddle electro, trance, and techno, following the continuous 4tothefloor chug. Proud leads and tight percussion are found throughout, complemented by the twinkle of emotional plucks and stabs. Variety is also the name of the game here, as we go from soft to hard, home to the club and back again. To flog a dead horse just once more, we are ecstatic to be able to bring more emerging talent to the fore, in this readily accessible, free to download format. Bon appétit!”

Release page (Soundcloud, log in mandatory for d/l option)

Format: 5 x File, EP, WAVE
Released: 11 May 2022
Style: Deep Techno, Deep House, Psytrance

Originally posted by bassandspace.com

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