Nunun : Seven Mirrors [AT024]

Seven mirrors is the first ambient album by Nunun. With Massimo Discepoli playing synths and keyboards instead of drums, and Cesare Discepoli more electronically treated than usual guitar, in these seven improvisations the duo explores many different sonic textures and moods. Haunting melodies and weird dissonances, celestial soundscapes and earthy distortions, countless melodic fragments and free improvisations, this is music for both the intellect and the soul.
The album cover is an original work of italian painter Nascar; the album will be soon available in a special printed edition”

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Format: 7 x File, MP3, 256 kbps; 7 x File, Flac
Released: 6 Feb 2012
Style: Ambient, Experimental

GOUTHY :: 3rd [AT018]

“Born in Barcelona in 1977, Gouthy starts his musical project in 1996, following his love for the Blade Runner soundtrack and for the music of Orbital, Chemical Brothers, Future Sounds of London etc… He starts composing using his Playstation’s software “Music”, making a CD which is only sent to Barcelona labels, in order to gather opinions. Then he starts working with mini workstations, and making some more personal demos, mixing Rachmaninov and Kettel and using more piano and synphonic sounds. After buying his first external soundcard for PC, in 2007 he compose Neon and the classic , distributed in limited edition by the Drome music shop in Barcelona.”

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Format: 10 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: May 2011
Style: Experimental, IDM