bristophe : le fils de la prophétesse [pyr099]


bristophe is an improvising duo that consists of brice catherin (from france, based in geneva) and christophe schweizer (from switzerland, based in germany). between them they play instruments like: cello, trombone, a bit of electronics, tuba, a touch of clarinet, plus e.g. recorder and other flutes, double bass, alpine horn, voice, bird calls, a few toys, etc. occasionally the two meet in one place, and that’s when sound happens.
their first album for pyr, le fils de la prophétesse is a two disc set that clocks in at over two hours. the first disc contains almost sixty miniature improvisations the create a whole. the second disc is more long-form, but the two relate as one.”

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Format: 69 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 18 Dec 2013
Style: Improvisation

Máquina Solar : De Escamas [pyr091]

“Máquina Solar is a duo consisting of Amanda Irarrázabal (b. Santiago, Chile) on double bass and vocals and Wenchi Lazo (b. Buenos Aires, Argentina) on guitars and vocals. They have been playing on and off for two years recording their first album De Escamas in January of 2013. the music they play is based on free improvisations of concise and varied time lengths resulting in sounds that resemble, at times, short compositions.”

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Format: 20 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 10 Sep 2013
Style: Avant-garde, Free Improvisation, Experimental

Nicolás Chientaroli Trío : ViajeraMente [pyr079]

“based in buenos aires, pianist nicolás chientaroli is an active member of the city’s jazz scene where, in addition to his trio, he leads the group, la gran cena; and co-leads the groups los improvisadores gráficos and las formas avanzan. he has also performed with the groups andrés elstein trío, caravana colemanica, proyecto orgánico rave, trío dumpty, francisco salgado cuarteto, and la hormiga.

ViajeraMente is the third album from the trio and the first on pan y rosas. for this album the lineup features chientaroli on piano, carlos álvarez on bass and sebastián groshaus on drums. the album contains a mix of compositions by chientaroli, group improvisations and a cover of dizzy gillespie’s be-bop.

you definitely need this post free bop action!”

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Format: 8 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 3 May 2013
Style: Jazz

Enclosure : Fifth of 3 [pyr069]

“nearly five years in the making, fifth of 3 completes a three album, two ep serial quasi-concept album sequence that began with [ROOM]’s spaces. the change in moniker is intended to usher in the change from the possibilities and travails on spaces to the constraints and traps in fifth of 3. the brackets around Room were to foreshadow the evolution while offering an ironic play on the word – space in one sense but closed space of a building in another.
this recording covers a dynamic audio range. please be careful with your stereo systems. damage may result at high volumes.
the individual tracks are made available under creative commons for non-profit use. the entire series is covered by copyright for commercial purposes. please contact the artist through pan y rosas for licensing.”

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Format: 14 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: January 2013
Style: Blues, Psychedelic

Ada Rave Cuarteto : La Continuidad [pyr042]

la continuidad, the first album from the ada rave cuarteto! the group is a fury of sound. intensely focused free improvisations give rise to pre-conceived compositions that allow the quartet to stretch out. they pay tribute to their inspirations – monk, braxton, ornette and dolphy – but, from that starting point, they set off in their own direction. lots of space, lots of listening to each other. quiet studies in the limits of their instruments. swing pulse rhythms on post modern be-bop. a genuine sound of joy.”

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Format: 10 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps
Released: October 2011
Style: Jazz