M-Tric : Bass and Space Podcast 027 [BassPod027]

“My name is Lukas Schwarz and I live in a small village in Austria.
I’ve been interested in music since childhood. I played drums for 8 years and played in a large orchestra.
after a while i decided to stop.
I did not want to anymore.

After a long period of standstill and exploring various musical styles, I decided from my experience of music to do something of my own.

i learned to love, feel and understand electronic music.
I was always fascinated by emotional, melancholic atmospheres, but also danceable deep mood often makes me blossom.
I wavered a long time with my productions. finally I was accepted into the dubtechno family, where I released an ep named „changes in the matrix“ with two artists and now good friends.

so i slid more and more into the depths of the music and i just clung to deep atmospheric sounds that excited me and the listener. i have released much music on this point.
„deep structures“ „10,32 Kelvin“ „drafted love“ and much more of singles and productions on Various artists albums.

but i didn’t want to belong to any fixed genre.
I did this and that. Sometimes ambient, sometimes dubtechno and sometimes something of my own.

so I decided to be free.
I just decided to do what I love and want to produce.

because it is difficult to remain steadfast in this world full of music and to make a decision.

I remain true to my inner voice and will follow my dark emotional streak as far as possible.”

1. Brickman – Reflection
2. Herman Crantz – Greenfields Dub
3. Biodub – Tuqoise Blue
4. Liuos – Hadley Cells
5. Rubik – The Dub
6. Francisco Aguado – Underwater
7. Ben Preisinger – The quit wanderer (Patlac&pablo bolivar remake)
8. Full tone – Only Solution
9. Draso – Hypnotic
10. M-Tric – Time Machine
11. M-tric – Twelve Hours
12. R.Hz – Release
13. Primal Code – Mutara Speech
14. Essentia Sound – Somnambulism

As always, we thank Markus Masuhr for his Artwork.

Release page (Soundcloud)

Format: 1 x File, Mixset, MP3/320 kbps
Released: 5 Apr 2020
Style: Dub Techno

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