Reflectomat : Barometer [=QUAL]

“Part 1 – Fall

Meet like mind folks with similar interests plus enticement. Relaxing isn’t it? Is it? Logical arguments that tend to solve themselves magically. Feeling better already. It’s all clear now. The speech is about to begin. Everybody quiet down. Listen to the man speak. Motivation never seemed so definite and pure. Marching orders and purpose. Come on let’s go. Resurge. Take it and never apologize. Make it obvious. Fuck it. Just buying time until everyone forgets what just happened. Ignorance is your escape goat. Mommy. It’s all over now.

Part 2 – Rise

Back in the olden days people had grand expectations which lead to value perceptions that were modest compared to what is important today. Waking up for the first time believing the experience and feeling curious. Having no expectations until they are given by those in control of perception. This eventual conflict is how learning occurs. This is where idealism comes into play. Imaginary ego connects with expectations. This happens. Maybe one day the realization is more than one needs. Some consider nothing but validation. Some consider nothing. Some are willing to concede for the sake of inclusion. This is very different from the original thought. Lesson learned. See what happens next. Take a break, reflect and recollect. Moving forward is solely dependent on state of mind. Take it easy. The universe never stops moving forward. Move forward regardless automatically by default no choice. Do it. Indecision is a deeply rooted symptom we call illusion. The absurdity is unexpected but seems to capture the sentiment. Focus it into a path and explore. Along the way you will encounter others who have had experiences. Listen to the story tellers in life. Remember that understanding and acceptance is not a requirement. Myth can muddle ego so be cautious during discovery. After awhile be picked up and hauled off to some other place. The pressure isn’t always real. Think twice.”

Release page (Bandcamp)

Format: 17 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, WAVE
Released: 17 Mar 2021
Style: Detroit Techno, Acid Techno

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