Substak : Modal [adpt017]

Modal. What does it mean? Modal could be Jazz, but there’s also a Modal Logic, and there are Modal Verbs of course. But listening to the new release by Substak for Adeptlabel I actually think in Modal Fabric.

Modal is an artificial fiber. It is true that we tend to identify the artificial as something unnatural, false, but ‘artificial’ form Latin artificiālis, which means hand-made or man-made. Art is artificial. Modal is artificial.

It’s usual to think that by means of textile fibers we could produce textile fabrics. But truth is that we could manufacture non-woven fabric. The key is how to weave the fiber. In textiles, fiber are weaved, sewed, tied; in non-woven fabric, fibers are related by means of friction, cohesion, adhesion, etc…

Modal fiber can be used to form part of woven or non-woven materials. Something similar happens with sounds. They can produce music or non-music in their mixing process. There’re rhythms and melodies in ‘Modal’ obviously but what it’s crucially important is how the sonic fibers are fused together until reaching the bottom line.

So Modal is a non-woven musical fabric. It is a sound sheet of porous and absorbent rhythms stuck on with elastic melodies. That is the reason why Modal is highly accurate sonic fibers.”

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Format: 3 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 14 Apr 2014
Style: Techno, IDM

Gongu : Remiscere Sonus [adpt016]

“Exclusivesly live recorded, Remiscere Sonus is purely Techno. Well, this kind of blurred Techno that we really love in Adeptlabel. Gongu had enough perseverance to give us his own particular vision of our catalogue. He was pushed nearly to his boundaries but this music deserves it. It meant kudos for him.

The story about adpt016 began a long ago but the conception of the album was born in november 2013. The original idea was to make something like a mixtape. The track or tracks would be based on the music previously published at Adept. By doing so, we would be paying tribute to artists that gave his music and soul to the label in the last two years. It was also taken into consideration the fact of celebrating the second anniversary of us.

‘Translate’ the catalogue in order to make something new would not be an easy task. Firstly, permission was requested to the artists to abuse their tracks. During the following months Tarmac was reshaping those sounds. As a result of this process a bunch of pieces were made. Gongu finally will build a mixtape, joining things together.

So, he glued one loop to pad, a noise to a hit into something new: Remiscere Sonus. For an hour and a little more than six minutes he rediscovers Substak dark drones, Kraut Sounds piano noises, Dahlmann dub stabs, Bohdan highly effective landscapes, Volunteer warm angles, El Fulminador hits and Am.Light emotive resonances.”

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Format: 2 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 6 Mar 2014
Style: Dub Techno, Ambient

Kraut Sounds : Deep Sky EP [adpt015]

Kraut Sounds lives the night. Perhaps, it’s his natural behaviour. He moves comfortably between the degenerate nightlife and the low light of the dawn. Sparkles and shades.

Blue Sphere has something of those 20th century seedy and beautiful parties, with piano musical notes and flamboyant playboys that have just walked through Cannes. While somebody looks into a future like a great unknowing person who does not even ask permission to leave the table. Like a weird party made of cocktails and black caviare.

The contemporary classicism. Sea of Fog is irrationally animal. A deep-seated and motherly partial structure made of all these mechanisms that have led us to dream and understand. Water and night. Shifting Winds are a bunch of machines stretching out their regular tendency to change life. A little controlled detonation. An absence.

All these moments when everything changes its direction like a pack of cards used for the first time, only to realize that our own inertia does not work properly.

With an incomplete delirium in grey fields of tuberculosis hospitals. Everyone coexists with a blooming factory which will change the face of the Earth. Between a Berliner and a Londoner. In the middle of the social change, in the very heart of the set to music Western world. Walk on Air is the crunch of the moisture, the unbelievable need to connect with another human being through the warmest machines and cold hearts by frosts of our past.

To go anyway, to close a certain circle never opened. To look behind and feel the air like a heavy riddle, difficult to change. To float between dogmas and feel that some musical forms rub a visionary communication of something that has not come yet. A Victorian and asexual pleasure consist of being a little less basically. Kraut Sounds practises the night.”

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Format: 6 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 2 Feb 2014
Style: Dub, Downtempo, Ambient, Dub Techno

Tarmac & El Fulminador : Blast Yo [adpt014]

“Everybody knows about German platitudes: reliability, efficiency and zero imagination. At the same share of topics, Jamaicans have had just the opposite: joy, laziness and partying. Thesis and antithesis. But the never-failing and often wacky popular wisdom says the opposite ends are attracted as well. And these remote ends (also geographically) collided musically in the late eighties with such a huge outcome and vital consequences for the History of popular music. Synthesis.

We are not here to tell that story because it is well known between well-minded people. Here we are to tell loud and clear that this marriage between Germans and Jamaicans did, does and will do the very vigorous mixed offspring.

And this is how we’ve arrived until today when we must introduce you the brand new and needful work by Tarmac and El Fulminador. I’m telling you the truth: these two guys have spent many years cooking Jamaican food in German ovens. They really know what they are up to, and I can declare that the product you’re about to consume cannot be tastier.

The menu is as follows: a double first course, a vocal and an instrumental cut. Second course is a highly nutritive, cosmic and liquid variation on the main track. And Substak, the greek connection at Adeptlabel, has taken over the essential desert. This menu will be one of your favorites for a long time.

Schweigt jetzt und hört zu. Guten Appetit.”

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Format: 4 x File, EP, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 10 Nov 2013
Style: Dub, Reggae, Dub Techno

Am.Light : Forgotten Land [adpt013]

“Welcome back Mr. Light. It’s been a long time since his first release by Am.Light for Adeptlabel, but we think we are fully rewarded. Forgotten Land is following Up then Back released almost a year ago!

This lovingly sharp album features six tracks that extend its duration to a little more than 48 minutes so we’ve got plenty of music here to discuss. Starting the set is Mirrors which speaks to a ceaseless tone of darkness. With a heavy-weight beat and a bubble game inside the mixdown it will give clues to the listener about the path taken by Am.Light in the rest of the tracks. Liquid is a classic ambient dub song. Its sounds are dusty and textured as you could expect from this kind of track. Maybe it is a recess, the last break before the storm coming in Acid.

The air is becoming denser in your room. At full volume you will listen a lot of stuff beautifully placed in the stereo field: an angry frog going around your head, a remote thunderbolt and a suffocating bass pattern are only a few of the ingredients of the acid formula. So now you’re expecting some kind of truce between you and the artist, an agreement to rest a moment, a precious time to breathe again, but this is not his plan. He will injure you (sonically) with Dc and he will keep on doing it with Forgotten Land, the track that gives title to the album. At the end of the tracklist is Cold Days, an upbeat ambient track with flying hihats, a piece of wood hitting your eardrum… This piece is for a haunted dancehall.

We could define the work as ghostly. The Romanian artist has done an astonishing album. We’ve been speaking about his feelings towards his music and he said ‘I actually aint the kinda of guy to step in the front and say hey that’s me and my shit.. I rather prefer the music’ so here it is. Forgotten Land by Am.Light.”

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Format: 6 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 5 Oct 2013
Style: Dub Techno, Ambient

Alexander Dahlmann : Pendulum Waves [adpt012]

“A little more than one hour of music between narcotic tracks and dubwise sounds. This is the new adeptlabel release, number twelve.

The set begins with ‘FC Patch’. Alex says the track is named after the fact it was made with ‘one of my first Chord Patches on the modular system called Elektor Formant’. We think this song is made for walking . The heavy beat inside of the patch will keep your pace.

A little interlude called ‘In a State of Dreaming’ is the next one, followed by ‘Float’, a truly masterpiece. ‘It features Michi, a friend of mine playing the shruti box… While I was recording the main reggae style loop I already had the idea to make use of the Shruti for that song, so I introduced him to the instrument letting Michi be part of the session. Then we recorded it and he did a first take solo with the electric Shruti modulating the oscillators. I played the main chords with the mechanic Shurti’ says Dahlmann. ‘Float’ showcases Alex talents for creating a fascinating sonic texture. He makes it work wonderfully without anything more than a little instrument and a little melody.A tense amalgam between reverberation and echoes features ‘Time & Space’. It is a classic reggae rhythm with a heavy bass on top of all the ambient layers. An equal direction takes the next tune, ‘Log Fire’, establishing mercurial rhythms alongside a two-hit bass tone. The track is confusingly simple, maybe we can could define it as ‘loopy’ but there’s a lot happening under the surface. A lot of crackles, noises and weird things going on and on.

A great mixture of a mercurial rhythm, arctic ambients and liquid stabs is what you’ll find in ‘Scratch Surface’ which is the last regular track. The album alternates dubby songs with ambient pieces. The structure takes the listener to a quiet world. This nature of the album works to its advantage. At the end, there’s a remix of ‘FC Patch’ by Tarmac with a self-explanatory name: ‘Storm remix’. It’s a tribute to our environment. The graphic work is made by Roberto Villoria, founder of Creático Comunicación, who could be considered as one of the originators of Adeptlabel.”

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Format: 7 x File, Album, MP3/320 kbps, FLAC
Released: 4 Sep 2013
Style: Dub Techno, Ambient

Volunteer : Edges and Vertices [adpt010]

Volunteer has thrown us to perfection. The sound is warmer than these human beings dying and annihilated in their empty homes of inaudible white noise. Organic atmospheres are ready to get rid of the days, the shadows and this rare way of life set to sink into oblivion like music covered by a soft camera cloth.

In Edges and Vertices, the reality and the vibrant sound of the technique is truer, purer more honest than the inertia of the acts that involved the citizens resigned to their lonely helplessness. Soft distortion, several kinds of arrhythmia and harmonic chaos… all these little nail-biting and dark details could save a whole life. Volunteer’s sound is something like a not-to-broadcast revolution. His sound is the one of the quietest streets, the one of desert urban scenes like the real life. Too much simulation and too much fakes waiting to be buried deep. The lack of words in the roaring machines are anything but the need of a primitive and collective cry. A private desire of being far away, in a place where life is not a luxury but a great route through explosive feelings.

While Volunteer is pulling our hair out with its epidermic and mechanic sensation, a little part of us will remain intact, safeguarded in a little nook of a safe deposit room made of aluminum. Welcome to a distorted landscape in a century that is committed to squeeze our throats and censor our feelings. Welcome to sounds that wish to rebuild our way of life. Welcome to The Shortcut between music and soul, that is to say everything that electrified Schopenhauer.

Let me introduce you the new adept artist and his work: Volunteer. In Edges and Vertices we make a trip across the echo sound and sonic textures. Listen carefully to the tracks, paying attention to the details. Naming of the tracks after triangle geometry elements is the inspiration of graphic work of the tenth release at adeptlabel. Volunteer himself talks about it: ‘I think it is good representation of a solid reduction to what I would call ‘essence’ of that project’.

As always the sound has been mastered by llamaza. Too much lows and too much highs has been the philosophy in this work. Enjoy the music.”

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Format: 7 x File, Album, MP3, 320 kbps; FLAC
Released: 16 Jun 2013
Style: Dub Techno, Ambient

Bohdan : Guiding Light [adpt009]

“Bright. I will describe Bohdan’s tracks as luminous, they glow in the dark. They sound cheerful and lively. But just before to introduce the sound, let me introduce the man.

Using his own words, he is an ‘Ukrainian electronic musician, born in 1984. After about 9 years of DJing became interested in creating his own music in the genre of dub and deep techno, minimal and ambient.’ Two months ago Bohdan got in touch with the label and after a great track and a lot of work, we are releasing his first music for adeptlabel. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Three tunes. The first one gives its name to the collection: Guiding Light. Its high melodic content is vaporized and alongside with the beat it forms a huge cloud of gas. It´s a great example of how a long but simple arrangement could be done to fulfill a wonderful track.

The second one, Nalaikh, is more ambient oriented but the beat is still there. Again the great space created in the mixdown is achieved making use of a huge reverb. Check out the walking bass on the ground that gives the foundation to this track.

Surfing the grassland is the last tune, something in the upbeat format. The most obvious listening position should be vertical, just dancing, but you could listen also horizontally in your bed waiting for a new day.

To sum up, we are hearing a compilation of tracks that sound like a great reward for the listener. We are happy to be part of these music. And the work has being mastered by our colleague llamaza as always, delivering a high dynamic and brilliant sound through the whole set.”

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Format: 3 x File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps; FLAC
Released: 16 May 2013
Style: Dub Techno, Ambient

Tarmac : The Fog 0 Collection [adpt008]

“Hard times. Last months have not been the best for Tarmac. Some of his sadness is reflected the way the tracks are composed and arranged. That is truth but there´s something that let the people think that better times will come. We just add a ‘maybe’.

Post was out of the collection at the very beginnings but a happy incident in the studio turn around completely the melodic part and magic happened suddenly. They way to find this magnificent accident is an open minded way of musical production and not less hard work on a daily basis since more than 10 years. It´s a fully detailed track that could be listen in both vertical and horizontal positions. Following Post is Rare Disease in which some parallelism arises with artist´s situation. There´s a hidden collection of tracks inspired by the illness that affects the author of this track. This is the first, and perhaps, the only one that will be published.

Next in the track list is Eros that was arranged live. The inspiration comes from a conversation with Am.Light about the way to make their tracks sound fresher. What better way of finding inspiration for your own music that talking to another musician. The result is a track full of effects with a deep and rude attitude.

And finally, closing The Fog 0 Collection is Prosperity. Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving and good fortune. That´s the way Tarmac seeks his part of it, producing a song full of vitality. A dreamy song that makes the end of this eighth release at Adeptlabel.

Last but no least is the mastering work giving the program a great finish and a full dynamic range, all done by the llamaza, a crucial member inside the outfit.”

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Format: 4 x File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps; FLAC
Released: 16 Mar 2013
Style: Dub Techno, Deep House